Getting Started with Scorpio GPS

Step 1


Install the Scorpio GPS on your vehicle:

  • Install the red wire with ring terminal directly to your battery (+) post.
  • Install the black wire with ring terminal to your battery (-) post.
  • Mount the Scorpio GPS with the device information label facing down with the supplied adhesive or cable ties.

Step 2

Download the app

google-play-badge scorpio gps app

Step 3


Open the Scorpio app, create an account and password.

Step 4


  1. Go to Profile and Tap “Devices”.
    • Add Device
    • Enter IMEI# on the back of your Scorpio GPS packaging / device.
    • Enter your phone number you would like to receive security text alerts to.
      Format Example: +1 Area code Phone # (+15555555555)
  2. Enter, your Subscription ID and tap “Continue”.
  3. Enter vehicle Year, Make and Model Scorpio GPS is installed on.
    • If your vehicle is not listed, just pick the closest one.


get out and ride!

Our full digital owners manual is available for download to understand more about it and the application.

If you have any questions about the device, application, let us know, one of our pros will be glad to help!

*Call Support is only available Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.

*If after hours, please send us an email and we will get back to you by the next business day.

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